Goulburn Police Academy – AAO Training Facility

The new $8 million Active Armed Offender (AAO) training facility for NSW Police at the Goulburn Academy was officially opened on Thursday, August 13 2020. The new training facility will be used to provide police with the specialised skills and techniques to manage dangerous and highly volatile active armed offender incidents. The new building includes, flexible scenario spaces, matt room, equipment/storage rooms and amenities for staff and students. A mezzanine provides a gantry level for observation and monitoring by staff coordinating the training sessions. A COLA is connected to the building to allow for outdoor scenarios.  

CCG developed the concept plans through to detailed design documentation for tender, including site investigations to find the most suitable building location taking into account flood risks, impact on neighbours and access to existing facilities. CCG also provided the planning advise and reports (Review of Environmental Factors) to allow for the approval of the project.

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