MBA Awards 2022: Edmondson Park Commuter Car Park wins Excellence in State Award for Car Parks

We are excited to announce that Edmondson Park – South Commuter Car Park has won the Excellence in State MBA Award 2022. We congratulate A W Edwards for delivering this project successfully. 

The Edmondson Park South Multi-Storey Commuter Car Park involved the design and construction of a new commuter car park, providing originally 1000 new spaces. This was increased to 1250 spaces part way through the project.
The project comprises ground and five suspended floors, in place of an existing on grade car park, and a covered roof top to support the solar array. Incorporated into the facility is a 665Kw solar system, electric car charging, rainwater reuse and recycled water system and HV upgrade.
The façade was required to be of higher standard and be more favourable to residents (due to the close proximity to housing), it incorporates indigenous artists input to reflect Cumberland woodland trees, using perforated metal panels to great effect.
The project has been delivered to a high standard on a difficult site.