Campbelltown Hospital Multi Storey Car Park

CCG Architects were engaged by AW Edwards to provide Architectural services with the Design and Construct Contract for the development of a multi-storey carpark at Campbelltown Hospital. 

The new carpark will be a seven (7) storey multi-storey carpark which will provide 799 parking spaces along with associated works. The objective and outcome for Campbelltown Hospital Multi-storey Carpark was to provide Easy Access through the multi-decked carpark with the installation of lifts and access points from the existing topography. The element of pedestrian access was allowed as a centralised access from the ground level of the western elevation  

The structure stands approximately 16.7m to 19.4m. The facade of the carpark is profiled in a way to provide natural ventilation throughout the complex. The colour scheme and choice of the facade was to refer to natural surroundings of the eucalypt tree species and was also a way to hide off the carpark from the nearby main road as it disguised itself with the vegetation around the structure.  

The integration of LED lighting along the facade has been integrated for an architectural aesthetic and appearance. The carpark is also provided with a thoughtful landscape design which was to envelope the carpark structure with a range of native endemic trees, shrubs and grasses to attract bird life.  

This was a philosophy design choice which relied on enhancing and replacing removal of local specimens.