Central Station Rail Heritage Centre

The Rail Heritage Centre at Central Station was opened by the Hon. John Watkins MP, on 4th August 2006, timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Central Station.  


The opening ceremony was attended by many past and present rail managers, and showcased CCG’s fitout of the Rail Heritage Centre. The evening was marked by an announcement by RailCorp CEO Mr. Vince Grahame of $14 million funding toward the further development of a Rail Heritage Centre at the Rail Transport Museum site in Thirlmere, which incorporated a Master Plan that was prepared by CCG. 


The Rail Heritage Centre at Central Station was established within the old Sydney Booking office space. This grand Edwardian space was severely altered in the 1930’s when the first floor gallery was infilled to create more office space above.  


Fortunately the perimeter walls of marble and sandstone had been preserved. The new fitout accommodated a number of rail related heritage groups such as the Rail Transport Museum and Australian Rail Historical Society, along with the Rail Heritage Office, and also enabled artefacts to be exhibited in museum quality displays.