Claremont College 

Claremont College is a small private infant and primary school, which has operated on or near the current site since 1880. A two storey Edwardian residence was purchased to provide additional classroom space, and was converted with additions to a year 6 centre, with large computer room on the first floor. The house was re-roofed and timber work repaired and replaced to match.The additions to the rear of the building are low scale and feature well ventilated and naturally lit classrooms that are easily accessed and integrated to the balance of the school campus. The playground required a complete rejuvenation, so by covering the playground’s dull asphalt surface with a brightly coloured recycled rubber surface and by designing “windows” in the playground’s “green wall”, the transformation was complete. More improvements were done and added including a library, new classrooms, alterations to hall and music room, outdoor learning area updating and replacement of computer network systems, new hubs, and wireless connections.