Edmondson Park Station Multistorey Carpark

The new Edmondson Park South Commuter Car Park provides 1,250 additional parking spaces for transport customers at Edmondson Park Station as part of the NSW Government’s Commuter Car Park Program.  Key features include electric vehicle charging stations, solar panel rooftop, lifts, and LED lighting with motion detection and daylight sensors.

Built with the environment in mind, the new multi-storey car park was designed and built to reduce embodied carbon emissions and adapt to climate change. The features include:

– Building the car park with an average 37% recycled concrete mix material and reinforced steel with an estimated 65% to 80% of recycled scrap

– Over 1,500 rooftop solar panels that provides power for the building and sun protection for commuters and parked cars

– A rainwater capture system which helps reduce localised flooding, filters impurities from runoff and assists in watering the new landscaping

– 10 electric vehicle charging stations and capacity for more to be added in the future

The facades on the Edmondson Park South Commuter Car Park are based on the artwork “Ghost Trees and The Lost Woodland”, created by Shane Smithers, telling the story of the Cumberland Woodland that used to spread across what is now Western Sydney

It is great to see this artwork so beautifully reproduced on such a massive scale!