Edmondson Park Station Multistorey Carpark

Edmondson Park Station was established in 2015 and lies between Glenfield Station and Leppington

Station. The station is part of the South West Rail Link Extension corridor extending from Leppington Station to North Bringelly for connections with the North South Rail Line corridor.

The 4-storey commuter car park is providing approx. 1000 additional car spaces including feature façade, increased floor height on ground floor for future retail conversion, 2 lifts, metal deck roof with solar panels, electric vehicle charging and provisions for boom gates.

The car park has been designed to be naturally ventilated.

Solar Collector Panels are installed on the roof to supplement the power demands of the carpark. An associated Battery Room and Solar Inverters serves as an initial provision of 2% of the total car spaces as Electric Vehicle Charging spaces with provisions for 13% to cater for future demand.

The feature façade is based on the artwork “Ghost Trees” painted by Dharug man Shane Smithers. Which was reproduced in metal panels and now features alongside another work by Shane “The Lost Woodland” on the recently opened Edmondson Park South commuter car park. It was great to see the painting so beautifully reproduced on such a massive scale!