Greta Train Support Facilities

Greta train support facility is a large support facility for freight rolling stock, designed by CCG Architects for Pacific National, which is one of the largest coal haulage operators in Australia. CCG, recognised for its expertise, was engaged by

Pacific National for the design stage of the project and subsequently novated and

engaged by Abigroup for the design and construction phase of the project.

Greta train support facility includes four holding tracks, an additional storage track,

on-line locomotive refuelling & provisioning facility on three holding tracks with 9

locomotive capacity, maintenance building with administration offices, amenities and a car park, locomotive wash facility and a fuel farm for bulk diesel storage. Both

provisioning facility and the maintenance workshop are buildings with a large volume

and scale. The provisioning building is 88m long and the north and south building

facades are designed with horizontal colorbond cladding, day light filtering Alsynite

fibreglass and aluminium horizontal louvres in bands responding to the long narrow site and the function of the building.

The services coordination of all buildings was a challenge yet successfully completed by CCG design team with extensive studies of various functional aspects of buildings and meticulous coordination with services engineers and client. Construction of the project is progressing and when completed later in 2012, will be a major train support facility for Pacific National in Hunter NSW.