Heritage Advice & Assessment


Our office is able to assist clients with heritage issues, from small to large projects.  Our heritage and architectural staff are listed with the NSW Heritage office as reputable consultants for heritage assessment and works.  Areas in which services can be provided include:

 Feasibility reports

Preparation of reports on appropriate strategies for modifying a heritage item to assist a client with a pre-purchase or modifications they are considering in the future to a heritage building or item, or a property within a Heritage Conservation area.  This feasibility report would consider the significance of the item and fabric and identify where a client may be able to modify or alter that building to suit a new set of functional requirements.

Heritage Assessments:

A property or a property being considered for purchasing may be listed (or potentially be listed) by a local council.  We can assist in understanding this listing, prepare assessment reports to inform you of limitations and opportunities.

 Statement of Heritage Impact;

If works are being considered or undertaking works to a listed item, or an item within a Heritage Conservation area, certain reports would be required, CCG Architects can prepare the necessary documentation needed to accompany your application to the local council, or State Heritage office for assessment as part of a Development Application.

 Conservation Management Plan

Conservation Management plans are often required as part of an assessment process by a local Council, who request or condition this management plan to be prepared.  These CMPs are used to guide development and works in the future.

  Heritage interpretation

Our office has prepared heritage interpretation plans and strategies, for delivery to a site are used for explanation of the significance of the site or building, to inform the public.  These are often required by a conditioned approval of the project,

  Adaptive Re-use

There is a particular skill in modifying a building for an alternate use which is a heritage item.  Our office skills in this can assist a client in a successful outcome and an economic result in retaining a significant building with a new use, and or new additions.