Katoomba Court House

The project involved new concept design for new court room technology services including technology to jury deliberation rooms and

• Suitable seating for jury panels in the court room;

• Jury deliberation rooms fit out including furniture;

• New carpets, re-paint, sand and re-coat joinery benches and finishes;

• Provide acoustical seals to the entry, judicial, accused and jury entry doors;

• Ensuing separate circulation spaces for accused, jury, judicial and public access;

• Consideration and review of equitable access requirements;

• Ensure duress systems are installed for judicial and custodial staff;

• Programmed comms phone points are installed in the jury deliberation rooms and accused dock for use by Corrective Services.

The project was to provide facilities to increase the number of hearings at the courthouse. Katoomba is a heritage item, mitigated by a proposed scope of works identified were to be low impact on the heritage fabric.