CCG Architects transformed a small two bedroom workers cottagein the inner west suburb of Leichhardt, from its untouched original condition, into a lush three bedroom inner city dwelling with a culmination of unique contemporary design techniques. 


The solution opens the formally obstructed spaces, in centralising the services, and utilising the aspect and greater clear spans at the rear of the dwelling, to naturally illuminate the entertaining deck and main living spaces. 


 The designlocated in sensitive heritage conservation zone of the suburb, attracted much contention from the council. Upon close review, they recognised the proposal has in part a two storey component, where two storey additions were not permittedIn this light, the design was considered as a merit based application, whereby we were able to show Council, the additional vertical volume posed no adverse environmental impacts, particularly to surrounding dwellings. CCG indicated the design took full advantage of the fall in the land towards the northern end of the site, enabling a split level solution and half level rise for the addition over. As the first floor addition was occurred at the rear of the house, the streetscape was preserved at the southern end, with sight lines being obscured. 



The final design was praised by Leichhardt town planners, who conceded that future development alike, should follow a similar set of design principals.