Leppington Multistory Commuter Carpark

The new multi-storey car park at Leppington Station will deliver additional commuter car parking spaces at Leppington Station as part of the NSW Government’s Commuter Car Park Program.

The façade design was based on a painting by Indigenous artist Shane Smithers.

“This artwork is about this abundant country where the generative forces of the sky and earth come together to create life. This is the place where I live, where you live, where we live, together walking on the earth, touching the sky.”

The new car park features

– Key benefits

– a multi-storey car park with up to 1,000 additional parking space

– more than 1,300 solar panels on its roof and 10 electric vehicle charging spaces

– free prking for up to 18 hours with Transport Park&Ride

– additional accessible parking spaces

– lift access

– CCTV, ligthing and wayfinding for improved safety and security

The location is in close proximity to the station, providing convenient access to public transport as well as increased connectivity to the town centre for access to the future shopping, dining and entertainment facilities. It provides opportunities to integrate with and enhance the town centre as it develops, as it is designed in a way that does not preclude potential future uses (e.g. community or retail spaces on the ground floor, subject to separate future planning approvals).