Liverpool Police Station and Court House

Engaged as Principal Lead Consultant for the provision of Architectural, Structural Engineering and Services engineering for the design, documentation and attendance 

during construction. CCG Architects have completed the design and documentation for a large Metropolitan Local Area Command Police Station in Liverpool NSW to be integrated with the adjoining Court House.  

The state-of-art facility includes feature advanced technological and IT capabilities to improve crime prevention functionality. The new station accommodates several commands and units including the Proactive Crime Team, Highway Patrol, Crime Management Unit, Criminal Investigators and Task Force 



As well as functionally, the completed building has created a unified architectural form with the courthouse. The existing face brick and concrete panel structure has been opened up and replaced with extensive glass, lightweight cladding and louvres to the upper levels to breathe new life into the streetscape. This has been contrasted against black granite precast concrete panels and off-form concrete at the lower levels to create an architectural feature that is Durable, robust and secure while forming a distinct architectural identity to the building and street. Liverpool Police Station has now been completed as of 2016 and is considered as “The Largest Police Station Project in NSW” 


The Court House is set back from the street frontage behind a paved forecourt on the southern part of the site with two storeys of accommodation above a basement car park. The fore court layout and landscaping is carefully designed to maintain open views, with tree species having been selected for their high canopies and understory planting deliberately chosen from low, but dense shrubs and ground covers. The west face of the Court House will be transformed through the use of Alpolic cladding in shades of grey and white.  

The new entrance is recessed under a projecting vertical feature wall, screening a two storey front foyer. The internal foyers / waiting areas at ground and first floor levels will be substantially upgraded and reconfigured with new waiting chairs, slotted timber veneer faced acoustic wall panels and the existing timber batten ceilings extended and painted white to provide a lighter fresher interior quality.