Petersham Early leaning Centre   

Our brief was to upgrade and refurbish the aged existing 3 storey electrotechnology facility building B into Early Childhood and Education and Care Service faculty and to create a place that resonates for children and teachers.   

An existing late 1900’s brick building was extensively remodelled and refurbished to create a new premise that would utilise and provide modern, safe, nurturing, meaningful and inclusive education and care for children and teachers in a fun and playful setting. 

The project consists of 3 levels. The ground floor open child play & craft session area incl. food prep. whereas first and second floor to accommodate the Music, Language, Theory and Lecture rooms and programs and Staff Office & admin area incl. breakouts and wet areas. 

CCG architects value the importance of early learning and the design and provide of vertical garden in the heart of well secured/ outdoor emulated indoor play session area on ground floor with access to ample natural breeze & sunlight with existing campus tree views incl. sandpits, local aboriginal wall murals to offer a feeling of connectivity through indoor and outdoor spaces reinterpreting the idea of the outdoor play session area inside the building.