Richard Johnson Anglican School

CCG Architects, documented and administrated the contract for the construction of a Senior building, a new Canteen forecourt area, and new car parking areas and associated external works on a 6-acre site for the school.

The two-storey 2200m2 Senior and Administration building, designed as a 2-stage development provides new facilities for Timber and Metal Workshops, Design and Technology, Band rooms, five Music classrooms, five General Learning classrooms, Seminar rooms, as well as new offices for the School’s and Church’s Administration staff, all with completely new amenity facilities. Externally the development also provides a new 200m2 Covered Canteen area, a new basketball court with future allowance for cover, 63 new car spaces and bus shelter, and accessible paths to the school and the adjacent church and child-care centre.

The clients brief required a high level architectural solution with a modest budget, and our strategy developed a clear separation of “hard” and “soft” spaces. For example, in the lower level metal workshop, the concrete floor slab and off-form concrete smooth ceilings are juxtaposed with bright and lofty light wells that provide soft ambiance to the hard spaces. As one moves up the stair into the upper level, the dynamic play between raked ceilings, bulkheads, and high windows evokes a higher sense of artistic exploration in the Band and Music rooms, and also in the General Classrooms and Seminar rooms.

At the technical level, various considerations are given to provide a fully automated building with minimal requirement for energy and maintenance. In addition to good thermal mass, the building’s air conditioning and natural ventilation are linked via a C-Bus system aimed at reducing power consumption. Light fitting are all equipped with motion sensors with an override function. A water conservation system is provided to support all amenities.

The school’s principal is delighted with the inspiring quality of spaces in which they learn and teach.