Sutherland Dual Occupancy

This project was for a dual occupancy residential building at a 645 sqm site located on the corner of Belmont Street and Clio Street at Sutherland, NSW.

CCG did not accept the DCP’s massing guidelines for dual occupancy as they were not particularly applicable for corner allotments such 20 Belmont St. To prove this, they presented mock 3D models along with two site analysis comparing the prescribed scheme with an alternative design, which proved meritorious and was successfully approved by the Council.

The resulting architecture is direct and simple, comprising two rectangular homes. Building orientation provides the best contextual openness and frontage interaction with the two streets, along with excellent North facing open plans where all main rooms enjoy controlled solar access. Each dual occupancy accommodates 3 bedrooms and the main bathroom at the first floor, while living and dining room, kitchen, small bathroom and laundry are on the ground floor. A single garage was provided to each residence.