Terrara Park Sports Pavillion

The challenge for this project has been to produce a design for both the Whitehorse Council and the resident clubs and provide an architecturally stimulating design whilst having the pavilion sit comfortably within it’s parkland setting.


Undertaking this task, we firstly the established a location that was suitable for conforming to the brief and providing connectivity and sight lines to the maximum number pitches (both soccer and cricket) whilst retaining the priority trees in the general vicinity. Having analysed the site, it was decided that the central location where the existing pavilions sit was the ideal site.


To maximize the views from the pavilion and also allow access to and from the changing areas, we have provided mirrored changing and amenities on either side of the central pavilion. We have also raised the ground floor level of the building with low rise terracing facing out to the ovals. This allows for enhanced spectator viewing in all directions, towards the central and west ovals, as well as having centrally aligned view to the primary soccer pitch.

The new Pedestrian and Vehicular access loop up to the entry doors from the existing carpark, allows for a vehicular drop off as well as incorporating two disabled parking spaces adjacent to the entry. The overland flow and the main path through the park has been relocated slightly to the north.