Wulkuraka Train Maintenance Facilities

The project involved Architectural concept design and detail design of the proposed electric train maintenance centre developed in sufficient detail to allow the rolling stock/maintainers to obtain a tender price for the construction of the Maintenance Centre for inclusion within their respective tender offers for the supply, delivery and maintenance of 600 cars to Queensland Rail.  We were then engaged by the shortlisted bidder as  architectural design consultant to undertake the concept design of the New Generation Rolling Stock Train maintenance facilities

This dedicated Maintenance Centre has been built at Wulkuraka to maintain, service and repair the New Generation Rollingstock (NGR) fleet.

Key features of the centre include:

10 rail roads for stabling, maintenance, repairs and overhauls
a dedicated wheel lathe
train lifting jacks
4 fully pitted roads with raised rails
retractable overhead lines and roof gantries
train cleaning and decanting facilities
Automated Visual Inspection System (AVIS).

Major Achievements: Delivered the architectural concept design and detail design documentation on time to suit an extremely tight tender program.